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24 volt stop solinoid price in nepal

24 volt stop solinoid

Category: Spare Parts

spare parts in Nepal.

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Nrs. 24000
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generator set engine stop solenoid valve excavator flameout fuel switch Product Features: The engine limiter is equipped with a rubber gasket that can be used to remove and replace the gasket. stop solenoid valve engine: The engine stop solenoid valve adopts a double-sided design, which can effectively reduce noise and protect the internal components of the generator from damage by external forces. Excavator : An excavator is a versatile appliance that can put out fires on your vehicle. It also comes with a dust collector to keep the car clean and dry. Fuel switch: The fuel switch is used to replace old or damaged parts, making it more convenient to use.

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The generator stop solenoid has a built-in safety valve that automatically stops the flow of electricity when the motor is fully . It also saves energy and prevents overheating.

voltage: 24V 
Material: Stainless steel colour: As Shown Package 
Contents: 1 x Excavator solenoid valve

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Excellent product! I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Highly recommended.

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