Kirloskar 500-1050 kva generator - Nepal

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Monitoring Features Lube oil Pressure, Engine Temperature, RPM, lube oil Temperature* Run Hours, No. of starts, Fuel Level, Auto / Manual Stop, BaMery charge condition, AC Phase Voltage, Current, kVA, kW, kWh, kVAr, Power Factor Optional Features Modbus communica&on* * Features are available from 15 kVA onwards Diagnostic Features * Battery charging failure, *Over speed, Under speed, Over Current, Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Over kW, Phase Sequence monitoring, Phase missing, Common Alarm, Hooter output *Low lube oil Pressure, High Engine Temperature, Low/High battery voltage, Low Fuel Level alarm, Over Crank protection, Routine Maintenance indicator, Genset Test Facility, fail to start/stop

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